Quick Fix

From time to time, we all have encountered the scenario where you're skin sobs for some decent TLC, but your daily schedule doesn't permit the time.  This is where Quick Fix* comes into your life.  These masks are targeted at different skin types, loaded with ingredients to combat whatever skin woes you may have, and best of all, they are accessible, affordable and super easy.

Mega Moisture Gel Mask
Hyaluronic acid seems to be all the rage recently, and it is one of the main ingredients in this mask to provide deep hydration to the skin, along with vitamin E and marine collagen.  Unlike many other masks on the market, the texture of this after application was a little different. Squeezing it out of the tube and when I applied it on my face, it feels just like applying a really thick layer of gel moisturiser.  The scent was relatively refreshing, and it does linger throughout the duration the mask is on.  I apply maybe double the amount I would with an actual moisturiser, and leave it on for maybe 15-20minutes (recommended time 5-10mins).  This mask doesn't completely "set" like a traditional mask, which makes it a little difficult if you decided to throw on a hoodie like I did when I first had this mask on (#struggletown).  I think this mask did give me that moisture boost that some areas of my face needed, but as the name suggests, it is just a quick fix.  
Exfoliating Scrub Mask
The exfoliating scrub mask is targeted as a quick fix for 'stubborn blackheads, clogged pores and skin in need of a deep and thorough clean.' To conquer these problems, the mask is made up of three key ingredients - pink rose clay, glycolic acid and pomegranate extract. The pink rose clay helps to deeply cleanse and decongest the skin, the glycolic acid balances out uneven skintone whilst the pomegranate extract encourages skin radiance through it's antioxidant and anti-aging properties. 

To apply this mask, I've found that hands is the best way to go. This isn't really a smother and go mask, but rather you have to massage into your face (particularly the problem areas) and then let it set for 10 minutes. The mask I must forewarn is on the very gritty side, which I personally love. I feel like it can really get physically in there resulting in a much smoother skin texture. I've noticed the differences immediately- particularly when I apply moisturiser on my problem areas and it just glides on. As it is so gritty, I only apply it to my forehead, chin, nose and jawline - completely avoiding my cheeks as it is my most sensitive area. For my blackheads, they aren't completely removed but they do look less noticeable. Overall I do enjoy this product! I would just be cautious to not put this mask close to your hairline as it will set (learnt the hard way but it does wash out easy haha) and the granules get caught under your nails, so those with acrylic or long nails - be forewarned!

Anti Blemish Mud Mask
The Anti Blemish Mud Mask is a quick fix for skin that is oily, congested and blemish prone.  It contains dead sea mud to help absorb and control oil production, salicylic acid (which we have all heard of) to draw out impurities and tighten pores and lastly tea tree oil to treat spots and prevent future blemishes.

Compared to the other two masks, this is the most runny in texture and does need to be shaken a bit before use (over time it does separate). I personally have normal skin with a slightly oily t-zone - so right off the bat I don't think this is catered for my skin type but I was willing to give it a go anyway. Upon first use, this really does remove all the oil. There was seriously no sign of oil on my t-zone, so much to the the point that I think it dried it out a little too much (the funny balance when too much oil is bad but having not enough is as unhealthy as well). The oil control lasted about 2-3 days and I could really feel the difference when putting concealer around my nose and oil wasn't breaking through as much during the day. Whilst this product is not for me at the moment during the cold ass winter, I can definitely see it come into play during the summer where the t-zone gets a little outta control.  

Overall Thoughts:
Personally, the idea of going to the kitchen and putting together a concoction for a mask is pretty daunting - in terms of results vs the time taken, and not to mention how messy it can get.  These Quick Fix masks are formulated by skincare experts with specific skin types in mind, and because they've done all the hard work, you can rest easy and wait for the magic to happen.  Now, all you have to do is head down to your local Woolworths, pick and choose the mask for your skin type :)
These masks retail at $8.95, and with the promise of X10 facials within each tube, which it works out to be around 90c per use - hardly breaking the bank if you ask us!

To put everything together, these masks are so convenient to have in your cupboard, everything from packaging (squeeze tube = hygiene), to the "results you can see"; not to mention it is suuuper time friendly.

Have you tried Quick Fix Masks before?


Beauty Addition 016: April, May & June Collective Haul

The past 3 months have been a bit dry in terms of beauty purchases. We haven't lavishly hauled anything (as we usually do) but we've managed to pick up some bits and pieces to put together a collective haul!

Starting off at Mecca

Nars: Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard // $35
This little number gets a shoutout at least once a week on either blogger, youtube, instagram, or twitter. In combination with this and the realisation that my under eye circles are getting out of control - it was the ultimate excuse to swipe the card and make this finally mine :3

Kiehls: Ultra Facial Cream // $36
I needed a new moisturiser and Khiels seemed to be the perfect candidate to conquer the winter dry spots. This is one of the best sellers of the brand so I'm expecting big thangs.

Next is Priceline! In June Priceline released a skincare goodie bag which you could grab if you spent $65 on the relevant skincare brands. I thought this was a good time to stock up on some favourites and try out some new items.

Antipodes: Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner // $23.19
Something to feed my toner addiction. I haven't tried a toner in a spray bottle before so it seemed like the perfect time to try it out. Not only that but it'd be good for the environment as well cos I'm not using as many cotton pads! 

Antipodes: Anti-Ageing & Moisture Boost Minis // $15.99 each 
The full sized versions of these products are quite pricey! Even though I've only heard positive things about them, I wasn't willing to take the risk so I decided to take on the minis before investing into the bigger ones. These are still 20% off (RRP $20) in this weeks Priceline catalogue so pick it up now whilst it's on promotion. 

People for Plants: Hydration Gel // $23.99
This is a repurchase! With the arrival of winter, hydration is top priority and this does the job soooo naicely. I think this is a really great alternative to Hydraluron. It absorbs really nicely and primes my skin up for moisturiser to get that little bit extra out of it. 

Sukin: Hydrating Mist Toner // $7.99
I kinda just bought it in the spur of the moment and it probably has something to do with the toner addiction I mentioned previously.

Vaseline: Active Fresh Deodorant // $2.00 
I didn't know Vaseline did deodorants...so put that one in my basket. 

Skincare Goodie Bag 
I've seen heaps of people post up what was inside their bags and mine was fairly similar, so I thought I should leave out what was inside (but if your curious to know I'm happy to do a separate post if ya like :3). This bag literally (butnotliterally) weighs 5kg - it weighs a lot heavier than it seems. For now, it's safe to say that I'm fairly set for cleansers and makeup removers for the time being. I'm most excited to try out the People for Plants Mist Toner (yup, another one) and the Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen

From Asos I picked up just the two items. 

Bourjois: Healthy Mix Foundation in 53 // $12.75
This was on promotion and has been raved about so many times that I thought I should give it ago. I got it in the shade 53 Light Beige but it's just a touch too dark for me at the moment. I've been mixing it with other foundations and bb creams that are too light for me but I don't have any solid thoughts on it so far. I may have to wait for the tan to come around in summer to really test it out. 

Eylure: Lashfix Adhesive // $1.96
If you didn't know, Asos put in a minimum $30 purchase for free shipping #whatttttt. This was basically a filler to get free shipping as I was only a couple of dollars off and my current eyelash glue probably needs to be thrown out so this will be the replacement. 

So my friend went off to travel Europe for 3 months and before leaving I was planning on getting her the Travalo. As I always leave things to the last minute, I needed it ASAP and Adore Beauty seemed to provide the cheapest express shipping ($6.95). To make it worth my while, and the shipping, I decided to pick up two things for myself (as you do when you're shopping for others).

Skindinavia: Makeup Finishing Spray 59ml // $24.95
Sometimes my foundation gets cakey looking and I think it's the powder thats the culprit. I don't want to compromise powder (cos I hate looking oily) so I thought a finishing spray would be the perfect solution!

OPI: A Juicy Bunch Avojuice Skin Flavour Pack // $9.95
As it was my first purchase on Adore Beauty, I could get $5 off if I had spent over $50. At this point I was on $49.90 (oh the pain) so I added this pack in. It's a bunch of mini travel sized moisturisers that are perfect to put in your bag. 

I just wanted to quickly mention that the service at Adore Beauty is really spot on! They have the online chatting person you can talk to (it's a real person) and my parcel came in the very next day. You also have the option to pick up your parcel at their Brunswick Warehouse if you need it ASAP and they have free shipping with any purchase! There were samples inside and also a Tim Tam to sweeten the deal :) 

Only after my first purchase, I got an email a week later saying that you could get $10 off with your first purchase over $50. It's with referral codes (much like iHerb) and it would've been so handy to have at that time :( So if your looking to buy on Adore Beauty and want $10 off click here :) I think this is a limited time only as it expires on the 15th of August

Sooo this was definitely a much lengthier collective haul than I thought :P Anyways hope you have enjoyed reading! 

What have you picked up recently?



Bottom of the Barrel 001

Empties marks the end of the old and the start of the new. It may be something that's well loved, fairly average, or just plain awful - but luckily for you guys, we have road tested these products to the very end to give you our thoughts.
Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask
This is still my holy grail hair mask. Full review done here but just to recap, it leaves my hair feeling soft, nourished and silky. I use it everytime I shower, mixing it in with my conditioner. Best part is that you only need to leave it in for 3-5 minutes, none of this 20 minute business. 
     ~Repurchase?: Already have. 

Palmers Olive Body Butter 
Not going to lie, but this took me 2 years to finish #persistence. This was something I'd use post-showering and overall it wasn't too bad. It absorbed into the skin nicely, it wasn't sticky nor greasy, the scent was ok but it just wasn't anything special. I don't have any complaints nor accolades for it - it was just whatever. 
     ~Repurchase?: Maybe. I won't be rushing out to get one, but because it's so cheap and it does the job - it's a possibility!

Sana Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Cleansing Wash
For a while, this was my shower cleanser. I liked it because it removed makeup ridiculously well, but once I took it out of the shower to use normally, I found it was quite drying! Drying to the point where I could see dry patches on my face immediately after washing. Not pretty. Apart from that it lathers really well, it doesn't sting the eyes and has no scent either. 
     ~Repurchase?: Unlikely. The drying part is quite the game-changer.

Loreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
I've done a more in-depth review here but just to summarise, I really like it. For a non-biphase remover, it takes off waterproof makeup nicely. It isn't oily, drying or irritating one bit.
     ~Repurchase?: Yes but sometime in the very very distant future. I just have to finish off the 7 makeup removers that I have somehow accumulated. 

Nivea Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant
Deodorant is one of those things I'm not really picky with. As long as it has a decent scent, stops the perspiration and any body odour - I'm all for it. This ticks all the boxes above and I really did like it. For the 48hour protection - I just don't trust those things and spray it on everyday just in case - better safe than sorry! Extra protection for stressful situations? Ehh not sure about this claim either but I haven't sweated profusely using this so that's a good sign right.  
     ~Repurchase?: Already have. 

Natio Brightening Eye Cream
I'm very indifferent to eye creams. Personally, I think most eye creams do the same thing (moisturise) and any other benefits, just doesn't seem to work on me and is very whatever. I got this in a pack so I just used it cos I had it and it was okay. It moisturised and absorbed nicely, the thin nozzle was good cos I could distribute product evenly and lasted me quite a long time. Brightening? - ehhh didn't really see much. 
     ~Repurchase?: No

Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango
Out of all the Baby Lips I own, this is my favourite scent! I really did like this for a while but then I started using the People for Plants Lip Balm and just realised how much the Baby Lips lacked in comparison. I feel like it only moisturises the superficial layer of my lips and once you eat or drink - your back to the beginning in terms of dryness. 
     ~Repurchase?: Unlikely. Although the Chemist Warehouse 50% off is quite tempting and   would be good to have in your bag or pocket to throw around.

Pascall Wine Gums & Pineapple Lumps
Had these lying around so thought I'd include it! It's always good to get recommendations for food so that we can all get fat together. The Wine Gums are nothing special - they just taste like normal jelly gum lollies that could be made by any brand. The Pineapple Lumps however, are surprisingly really nice. The inside is a pineapple flavoured lolly that has a chewing gum like texture and this is covered with a thin layer of chocolate. The combination sounds odd (and trust me, I was expecting it to taste awful) but the two flavours with the texture are surprisingly addictive.


Neutrogena: The Blue Line - Part 2

Following from our previous post (which you can read here), this is part two of our Neutrogena: The Blue Line review, focusing on the makeup removing liquid and towelettes.

Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes // $7.99:


Neutrogena: The Blue Line

Whilst applying make-up can be a fun, therapeutic way to start off the day, taking it off can be it's exact polar opposite - a chore that's time consuming, and quite frankly a drainer when you're exhausted. The Neutrogena Blue Line* was created to make this process easier through this range of makeup removers and cleansers, leaving you with fresh and clean skin.  All the products within this line are formulated with the most sensitive skins in mind, and have all been dermatologist-tested and they promise not to disturb delicate/damaged skin.  Not sure about you, but that just ticks all the boxes for skincare in my books; keep reading to see what we thought!