Garnier Hair & Body Oils

Garnier has always been a *golden brand* in my eyes lol. Ever since I started buying skincare/makeup, some of my really well-loved products have been by Garnier (e.g Micellar Water, Clean Sensitive Makeup Remover, Oil Free BB Cream and the list goes on), so it's no surprise that I would eventually test out some of their hair and body products.
Garnier Miraculous Oil Brushing Express
This is totally an underrated product. After first hearing about this product via Beautyholics Anonymous (here), I picked this up during the Priceline 40% off haircare sale a while after. The texture is like a thick gel serum, smells suuuuper nice, and does a wonderful job at keeping your hair soft and protected, and does cut down drying time (package label did not lie).  
Having tried different methods of application, I personally like to apply this when my hair is damp, taking about 3 pumps and working it in on the ends of my hair, and then some on other areas that need a bit more taming. Despite this being marketed as an 'oil', it doesn't leave your hair heavy nor greasy-feeling, but rather the opposite. It apparently has up to 230ÂșC heat protection as well (+1 for multipurpose), but honestly, any product that makes my hair feel healthy, smooth and silky, without making my hair look flat and greasy, gets a tick in my books :P

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil 
First body product that I've tried from Garnier. After trying the Alpha Keri body oil out (review here), I was a lot more inclined to try products of the like, because they make post-shower moisturisation feel a lot less like a chore :P. Not sure what a "beauty oil" actually is, but because this comes out in a spray form, the oil is really thin and light and it barely feels like you're applying oil at all. 
In terms of moisture, it's fairly meh for me; it's so light to the point where I feel like if I was to put clothes on straightaway, it'll rub off on the clothes. In saying that, it can be a good thing that it's thin, because it's something really quick to spray on your body before you head out during the day without looking like a greaseball, but bad because I didn't feel any skin benefits. Right now, I'm just using it during the day to make my skin look less dry and dull but don't think I'd be picking this up again when it runs out.

SO, the take home message here is that the hair oil is something you should consider in purchasing, but steer away from the body oil if you're looking for something more moisturising. The packaging of the body oil does say that "skin is dry to the touch, does not transfer on clothes", which explains why the formulation is so thin, but I can't imagine it being "nourishing" at all.
Currently still on the hunt for some body oils, so if you know of/like any in particular, I would love to try them out :)

*all products purchased with my own $$$

Beauty Addition 018: Korea

After our overseas trip, we never got around to fully post about our overseas haulage. In Korea, we both hauled quite a bit (what's new), and we each ended up sending a box full of clothes/shoes/makeup back home. We all know our hauls can get overwhelmingly ridiculous at times (like in this post) which is why we are going to split this up, but hopefully this can somewhat satisfy that inner hauler in you and save you money LOL. 

Clio have their own stand alone stores or else you can also purchase them at Olive Young which is basically Korea's pharmacy/drugstore. This is good as it increases your chances of buying products being on promotion or having special packs which we took advantage of :3

Clio Waterproof Brush Liner in Kill Black
This is a pen eyeliner & mascara duo that I got 3 of. The pen eyeliner was good on my oily lids as it did stay put throughout the whole day, however my only gripe was that sometimes the liquid itself doesn't seem to want to come out when it comes in contact with eyeshadows.  Although it's not all that uncommon to have it clogged every now and then, I still am on the lookout for a better one! 
p.s. still haven't opened the mascara yets :P

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner
Probably what Clio is best known for and what everyone on the blogosphere raves about so it was best to pick up a couple. I picked up colours mostly in the neutral range of brown, black and beige and so far it's not too bad. I've noticed that it does transfer to the bottom of my eyes at the end of the day (which isn't surprising as most do). It is however very pigmented, creamy and super easy to apply.

Clio Gelpresso Be Brown Set 
A good investment to try several different colours before buying the bigger versions. Rarely do I ever finish a whole pencil liner so these were the perfect size to use. The colours are really nice but I have noticed that these aren't as creamy as the full size ones. We didn't see these sets in stores at all, so we ended up ordering them online from Gmarket here for 10,360₩ at the time.

Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Fix Mist
Another setting spray to add to the pile. Seemed to be such a bargain for the amount you get and the packaging was really nice and sturdy as well.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero:
This was literally all the rage last year. For me, it started when bubzbeauty was talking about it in one of her vlogs, and ever since then, I was on the lookout for this all throughout our Asia trip.  Turns out Banila Co. wasn't all that common in Korea (compared to Etude House, Nature Republic etc), and they barely had any deals in store without spending a large amount of money.  I ended up ordering the large tub on Gmarket here, for something like 15,000-20,000₩ (about 15-20 dollars) with the set of 4 minis included at the time (GWP). Not crazy in love with this product, but more on that in another post :)
Aritaum Full Cover BB Cake & Concealer
When this was launched I had my eyes set on the BB Cream thanks to this wonderful promo vid here - it's not everyday you see a girl with actual blemishes on a makeup promo, so the coverage was pretty convincing.  Downside is that the BB cream was super thick and cakey in store, so picked up the BB cake instead (had to pick up something from the range right? logic..). Although this looked pretty thick still, it seems like it'll work well as a spot concealer, and the colour match seemed a little better compared to the cream alternative as well. I don't much much to say on the concealer as of yet, but only picked this up because the colour matched looked good in store, and flash sale was on. Gets me every time.
Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Primer & Makeup Fixer
Had no intentions of purchasing much from this brand but having tested out the primer in store, I was so sold by the mattification it had over the skin and picked it up along with the makeup spray.  *adds to the pile of unopened products*

Etude House
Etude House takes the cake when it comes to the most girly and princess like packaging. Legit castle princess feels when your in their flagship stores. At the time, Etude House was 30% off which made everything that more affordable! Pretty sure I easily spent a good $70 here (not everything is pictured tho :P).

Etude House Play 101 Pencil 
So hands up if Pony on Youtube convinced you to buy this?! It's marketed as a multifunctional pencil in which hypothetically you can use everywhere from your eyebrows, face, eyes and mouth (appropriate colours permitting). I bought one in 59 - a sparkly nude beige for the eyes, - a concealer type colour I was thinking of using to line my lips and also a dark autumn berry shade.

Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer & Dr Mascara Fixer
We both got a backup of this eye primer as it is such an affordable dupe of an high end item, and works just as effectively (previously reviewed here). During the latter half of 2014, I was religiously using the Dr Mascara Fixer, but the one in a pink tube (featured in our empties post here). By religiously, I mean each time I wore mascara, but wearing mascara wasn't all that frequent for me. Picked up the white one as it's supposedly for lengthening and has fibres in the formula #yay, so hopefully this works just as well as the pink version and make it more worthwhile to wear mascara more often :)

Etude House Dear Darling Tint
Can't go wrong with korean lip tints, so I figured it couldn't hurt to have an extra one lying around :) The colour is the darkest of the range, so hopefully it would translate to a fairly deep pink or something similar on my lips.

Etude House Colour My Brows
Have previously tried this in a different shade, so this time around I decided to pick up the darker brown version. The actual wand is small and bristles are a lot like the brow spoolie, so the product dispenses evenly and not to mention that it does a great job at covering dark hairs if your hair is dyed :)
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow
A really simple, cheap eyebrow pencil! Koreans know how to do their eyebrows so I thought I'd pick up a few to test and try.

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher
Another Meejmuse recommendation. I don't really dabble into blush but since it was cheap & highly recommended I thought why not. The packaging is fairly cute and princess like as expected of Etude House.

Etude House Sweet Jelly Dear My Jelly Lips
Meejmuse off youtube recommended these on her best of Korean Beauty video. These are more on the moisturising side, which would be perfect for those lazy days.  

Etude House Sugar Tint Balm
Another purchase for those lazy lip days but in a more darker shade which makes it seem like you put in a bit more effort in. Since it's a balm, it's a more moisturising than the average lipstick which is good for those days when you need a break from those drying matte lip days.

Did we miss anything? Should we try anything out first in particular??

OM NOM: Greek Yogurt & Fruit

This is a bit of a different post, but I've always been interested in seeing what other people eat to give myself food ideas. Ever since youtube videos of "What I Ate Today" started happening and showing up on my feed, I've been consistently watching them. This is just a spin on that idea. If I had to give it an accurate title, it'd be more along the lines of "What I've Been Obsessed with Eating Recently." I always have an obsession or like a phase with a meal or an ingredient and it's quite seasonal. Anyways, thought I'd just share it cos food is life and I'm sure many of you share that same train of thought ;)  

First up is greek yoghurt + fruit. This is a really good "first meal of the day" option (I call it first meal for those who don't eat breakfast :P). It's really light, super quick to make and you can literally throw in anything in your fridge or pantry that you fancy. Also, there's very little washing to do after you eat 


   plain greek yoghurt: I really like the Farmers Union one & also the Aldi Lyttos one. If you like something creamy get the full cream one but if you want something thinner in consistency and more sour go for the lite one! Alternatively, you can get the vanilla greek yogurt if the plain one is too much for you. 
   honey: As greek yoghurt is sour, you'll need honey to counteract this. I usually add in a 'swirl' and add to taste. 
✘   fruit: This is obviously seasonal for fresh fruit, but just throw in whatever you like. Don't forget the fruit in the freezer and also canned fruit! At the moment, I'm throwing in mangos, peaches & frozen blueberries. You can also preprepare the fruit for the next day. 
   oats/muesli: This is again optional to add more 'sustenance' and to make you feel 'fuller.' Also adds texture, crunch and sweetness to it. My brand of choice would be Carman's - I like the Clusters with the nuts and muesli. Jordan's and also the organic green box from Aldi is pretty good as well! 

✘   spoon
✘   knife (to cut fruit)

This is literally dead set simple, and kinda self explanatory but I might as well
   Grab your bowl and scoop out as much yogurt as you want
   Drizzle honey, mix with yogurt and taste. Add more honey to taste
   Add fruit & muesli 

When mixed, it's obviously not the prettiest thing haha but there you go! This is what I've been recently eating and what I've been obsessed it :)

Skincare Yays of 2015

Following on from our beauty favourites of 2015, here are some of the skincare that stood out to us this year. You've probably read about some of these products in our previous posts, so if they've made it in this post, then they're here for a good reason :)

Beauty Yays of 2015

Another year has swooped by which ultimately means a post dedicated to our favourite beauty items of 2015. 2015 had been a busy year for us which saw twoplicates not being as active as we'd like it to be, however 2016 is here and what a better way to start it off by showing our best of the best.