I recently chopped off quite bit of my hair, making it little more difficult to style it with a straightener.  Irresistible Me couldn't have contacted us at a better time as I was on the market for a curler! The wands with the barrels were packaged in a rolled-up, heat proof pouch (think makeup brush roll type of thing), which comes with a heat resistant glove and a stand to lean your curler on.
Irresistible Me claims that the curler will leave your hair smooth and shiny, and the curler itself would last longer, both thanks to the tourmaline technology featured.  It also heats up fast and has the LED screen displaying the temperature that it has heated up to.

Travel Bag: Health

Having been travelling for just under 2 months at the end of last year, we thought we'd share some words of advice on what we packed in terms of healthcare items. Health is the most important thing to keep on top of when your travelling. It means that you can better enjoy your holiday, especially when everyday counts and you want to make the most of it. I kept my health items in a simple clear ziplock bag. You can see everything you have and in terms of medication, I made sure to have it in at least 2 separate places - one in my big suitcase, one in my carry-on and some in my handbag. This is just in case anything gets stolen or lost and you have a backup. So here is what we brought along with us:

Beauty Addition 018: High End Hauling

This haul post was overdue probably about 6months ago hah but we thought we'd share it anyway to give you guyz some inspiration for any future hauls. Everything was purchased either overseas in shops or duty free. 


Long time no see! 

We left off 2014 travelling all around Asia. It was amazing. A mixture of hot and humid climates to enjoy some sun and sand but also some cold, negatives to enjoy the cold side of the scale we rarely ever get. We did a lot of sightseeing, a lot of shopping and for the majority.....a lot of eating.

2015. To begin with, I left the nest for the first time and moved to Sydney for uni. First half the year was hella hectic - hence the lack of posts. Now it's the second half and things have slowed down, feeling more established and have set aside time more to twoplicates and you guys :3 

So thats pretty much the update. Thought I'd do a "in the moment" inspired by Under Lock and Key. Do check out her blog - she has the best photos and really great content.  

Best Aussie Products

The 26th of January marks Australia day, and in true Aussie form, we thought we'd pay tribute to our favourite home grown products!